What makes our company different: we try to be creative and come up with amazing 'tag lines' or ‘cliché catch phrases' that truly define our company...but frankly it has all been done to death!


Integrity, honesty, commitment, excellence, experience, and a fundamental understanding of the Canadian Federal Government are all words that in some facet define us...define me...but is that enough? Everyone promises this. Not everyone delivers it! ...We think we come pretty close.


We think the essence of what makes our company successful is that we all wear multiple hats within the organization. We have a small team that is connected, with a similar mindset...a total commitment to providing great service to both our Government clients and consultants alike. We can simply label ourselves as better, not bigger!


We provide unbiased knowledge and recommendations to all levels of Government (C-level strategies, operational streamlining at a Director level and support and guidance to the daily activities of employees who are looking to advance their skill set and improve their overall understanding of the organization.  We demonstrate hidden pockets of excellence in GoC project delivery that don’t always get tagged or associated with our company specifically but as our clients can attest, we have focused on quality of service above all.


Fundamentally, our consultant base can look to us for advice and continuity in contracts. We do not hire the 'best of breed' as employees but engage our amazing subcontractor community to do what they do best. A model driven to provide a streamlined costing model that works best for our client base.


As we venture into a new chapter in our ever-evolving corporate story, we look forward to discovering new opportunities, proving that our model works, and replicating the success we have had in the past with creating a community of similar minded experts.